Dig In!

Putting Dig In! together has been a massive challenge and a whole lot of fun. It’s incredibly rewarding to finally see the product of so much hard work, but it’ll be an even greater reward if you guys get as much out of the recipes as I have.

There were times when the whole thing got a bit overwhelming and I had to take a step back before chopping in again. But I guess that’s only to be expected on such a huge project. It’s a good thing I like a full schedule!

We all lead busy lives, and I wanted to create recipes that made it easy to achieve top results in a short timeframe. Whether you’re throwing together some grub for a mate who’s dropped in unexpectedly, or laying out a proper spread for the in-laws; there’s something here to suit all occasions.

I didn’t want to fill the book with fancy dishes that take all day to prepare. I want to make it easy for people who come home tired at the end of the day to knock out a stellar dish with minimal effort. That’s not to say the more adventurous cooks out there won’t find something fresh and unexpected. Sometimes putting a simple twist on a favourite dish can make all the difference.

I’m super proud of this cookbook and so excited to share it with you. This has been an inspiring experience for me and I’ve really put my heart into it. So don’t be shy, no matter what your background it’s all about getting in and having a go.

Here's a few recipes from the book to get you started.

Spanish Baked Eggs

Vietnamese Lettuce Cups


Egg Crepes with Char Sui Pork

Dig In! is published by Hardie Grant and available at all good bookstores. 

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